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Reed Spline 6 Foot Coils

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Reed Spline: HH Perkins Reed Spline is sold in 6-foot coils. Reed Spline is a bamboo color and is made from the inner core of rattan. Reed spline goes hand in hand with Cane Webbing. Spline is the narrow piece of Reed that holds cane webbing in place on the chair. Measure the width of the chair groove to determine the size of the Reed Spline you'll need for your project. Rattan Cane Webbing is very popular in cabinets, dressers, chairs, and other furniture pieces. If your furniture piece uses Cane Webbing, the best way to secure the webbing is with Reed Spline.

You should soak Reed Spline in water for 5-10 minutes before installing it into your furniture. Always press the Spline in sideways when gluing it into the groove of the chair. Make sure you clean out all of the old glue and Spline pieces before you install your new Reed Spline. If you need to weave multiple chairs, we recommend you purchase one coil of Spline for each chair. Reed Spline is used for chair seats, chair backs, and basket weaving.

Reed Spline Sizes:

Reed Spline #7: Spline measures 1/8" - used for grooves 1/8" to 5/32" 

Reed Spline #7.5: Used for groove slightly larger than 1/8" but smaller than 3/16"

Reed Spline #8:  Spline measures 5/32" -  best used for 3/16" groove  (Formerly #5)

Reed Spline #8.5: Spline measures 11/64" - best used for 13/64" groove 

Reed Spline #9: Spline measures 3/16" - best for 1/4" groove (Formerly #3)

Reed Spline #9.5: Spline measures 7/32" - best used for groove slightly larger than 1/4" (Formerly #2)

Reed Spline #10: Spline measures 9/32" - best for a 5/16" groove 

Reed Spline #12: Spline measures 11/32" - best for 3/8" groove 


Reed Spline 6 Foot Coils

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