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Weave Rite Tools


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Weave Rite Tools: HH Perkins Weave Rite Tools are handmade in the United States of America. These are excellent tools for crafts, basket weaving, seat weaving, and DIY projects. Weave Rite tools are by far the best basket weaving tools on the market and help you get into those tough-to-reach spots.

Small Straight Tip Awl: The 5 1/4" long Small Straight Tip Awl is commonly called an ice pick. Sharp pointed tip helps to weave with Natural Strand Cane—an excellent tool for basket weaving and seat weaving. 

Small Straight Tip: The 5 1/4" long Straight Tip Weave Rite tool helps with weaving, lashing, and crafts. The rounded stainless steel tip makes this tool very safe to use. 

Small Bent Tip: The 5 1/4" long Small Bent Tip Weave Rite tool is used for miniature baskets and for detail and accent work on larger projects. This tool has so many uses. I even use it to pop staples out and bend metal on frames—very versatile and durable tool. 

Small Bent Tip Packer: The 4 5/8" long Small Bent Tip Packer is an excellent tool for opening space below the basket rims when lashing your basket. This tool has a small bent tip that measures 1/8". Great for tough-to-reach areas on your project.  

Small Wax Linen: The 4 1/2" Small Wax Linen Weave Rite Tool has an angled pointed tip. It is an excellent tool for Nantucket Baskets, Wax Linen, Ash Splint, and Basket Weaving. 

Small Jabber: The 5 1/4" Small Narrow Wax Linen Jabber has a sharp tip for packing. The steel tip is approximately 1 3/8" long. All small tools can be held like a pencil. 

3-Piece Tool Set: The 3pc Weave Rite Tool set includes the Small Narrow Wax Linen Jabber, the Small Bent Tip Packer, and the Small Wax Linen tool. The tool set bundle is a great way to save on tools.

6-Piece Tool Set: The 6pc Weave Rite Tool set includes all of the small Weave Rite tools. It comes with the Straight Tip, Bent Tip, Wax Tip, Straight Tip Awl, Narrow Jabber, and Bent Tip Packer.

Medium Bent Tip: The 6 1/4" Regular Bent Tip Weave Rite tool has a bent stainless steel tip, a thicker wooden handle, and a grip. A beautiful handcrafted tool. 

Medium Straight Tip: The 6 1/4" Regular Straight tip is slightly larger than the small Weave Rite tools. This is a great tool for larger projects in basketry, seat weaving, and crafts.

Medium Awl: The Medium Straight Tipped Awl has cherry wood handles dipped in a natural finish form a hard, water-resistant surface. The stainless steel tips are handmade, durable, and polished. The regular tools are for medium-sized baskets.

Heavy-Duty Bent Tip Packer: The 5" Heavy-Duty Bent Tip Packer has a thick wooden handle and a thicker bent stainless steel tip for packing. The Bent tip measures approximately 1 inch long and can be used in any crafts, seat weaving, basket weaving, or DIY project.

Weave Rite Tools

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