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Strand Cane

Strand Cane and Hand Cane are two terms referencing Natural Strand Cane. All coils of Strand Cane come with the appropriate size binder. To determine if your piece is Hand Cane or Cane Webbing, see if the cane is woven through drilled holes on your chair, or held in place with Reed Spline. Strand Cane is always woven through holes in the chair frame. Hand Caning Pegs are used to pack and keep Strand Cane into the drilled holes while weaving your project. Strand Cane is also called rattan peel.
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Caning Kits
$36.41 - $43.61
    Black Cane
    $14.59 - $35.69
      Hamburg White Bleached Cane
      Regular price$34.99$19.99 - $35.99
        Pre-Dyed Hamburg Cane
        Regular price$13.99$11.99 - $13.99
        • Sky Blue 1.75mm
        • Blue Heather 2.25mm
        • Cherry Red 2.25mm
        • Chocolate Brown 2.25mm
        • Golden Yellow 2.25mm
        • Green 2.25mm
        • Lilac Purple 2.25mm
        • Fusia2.25mm
        • Mint Green 2.25mm
        • Navy Blue 2.25mm
        • Orange 2.25mm
        • Peach 2.25mm
        • Pink 2.25mm
        • Purple 2.25mm
        • Turquoise 2.25mm
        • Red 2.0mm
        Corner Plugs
        Regular price$1.99

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