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Books: HH Perkins features a vast selection of instructional books for projects in weaving and furniture-crafting. These books contain information on Strand Cane, Cane Webbing, Danish Cord, Fiber Rush, Pre Twisted Natural Rush, Shaker Tape, and other Natural Materials. Our titles provide in-depth guidance for creating a wide range of baskets, including Nantucket Lightship Baskets and furniture like chairs, cradles, rocking chairs, and bassinets. Our books are suited for beginners and experts, with insightful tips and comprehensive instructions.


Weaving: Step-by-Step: New. Written by the talented Sue Muldoon, this book provides step-by-step visual instructions for 20 different patterns, which were created for classes and requested by students. This book is 60 pages of projects, patterns, and pictures to inspire your creativity! It includes step-by-step instructions for making Egg Baskets, Adirondack Backpacks, Reed Hearts, Carolina Snowflakes, basket-weaving kits, and other crafts. This book also includes detailed instructions for seat weaving, including Wicker furniture, Porch Rockers, Shaker Tape, Corded Wool Stools, Danish Cord, Hand Cane, Fiber Rush, and Cane Webbing. We highly recommend this book!

Caning & Seat Weaving Handbook:  New. This book offers step-by-step directions and vivid visuals to teach readers weaving techniques with Natural Strand Cane, Cane Webbing, Rush, and Tape Seats.

Hand Cane Booklet #681: New. This pamphlet-sized book explores weaving with Natural Strand Cane and Cane Webbing, featuring plenty of black and white photos to illustrate its instructions.

Splint Seat Booklet #682: New. This book provides expert guidance on weaving with Fibre Splint and Ash Splint.

Danish Cord Booklet:  New. This book is an ideal resource for anyone learning Danish Cord Weaving. It discusses Hans Wegner chairs, Mid-Century Modern Furniture, and Danish Teak Chairs.

Ideas For The Experienced Caner 1: New. This book is ideal for caners of all levels, containing essential caning principles and fresh weaving patterns. Additionally, Ideas For The Experienced Caner Book provides numerous visual aids.

Ideas For The Experienced Caner 2: New. This book pairs with The Ideas For The Experienced Caner Book 1 and provides all the fundamentals and fresh patterns and designs.

Replacing Chair Seats with Caning: New. This book provides a straightforward and comprehensive guide on replacing the seats of chairs with caning. It contains intricate diagrams related to both strand cane and cane webbing, instructions on diverse weaving tactics, installation of cane webbing, and advice on completing the process and preserving the result.

Fibre Rush Basket Making Book: New. This book includes detailed instructions and visuals to help craft a 3x3" basket with fiber rush and ideas for future projects.

The Caners Handbook: Pre-Owned. This instructional guide includes detailed photos to restore Cane, Rush, Splint, Danish cord, Rawhide, Shaker Tape, and Wicker Furniture.

The Complete Guide to Chair Caning: Pre-Owned. This book provides a comprehensive overview of different types of chair caning weaving techniques, taking readers through each step in detail. It additionally offers insight into the historical context of seat weaving, tracing its evolution through the ages—a must-have for anyone interested in the craft.

Making Chair Seats from Cane and Rush: Pre-Owned. This book offers clear instructions, supported by over 160 photographs and diagrams, on creating seating using a range of materials such as Cane, Rush, Hong Kong Grass, and Twine, a weaving technique using Splint.

Let's Weave Color into Baskets: Pre-Owned. This publication is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to enliven their baskets with vivid tones. It explores various techniques for dyeing reeds and how to interweave the hued reeds into diverse basket patterns.

Wicker Basketry: New. This book features 24 projects (including six geared towards novice crafters) and provides information and activities suited to various preferences. With the help of this book, you can learn techniques to make round and oval bases, refine the side shape, incorporate various textures and hues, put in the borders, and affix handles.

Baskets Baskets Baskets: New. This book features five basket designs with variations and provides comprehensive, in-depth information on weaving basics, such as preparation, staining, weaving patterns, rims, and handles. 

Creating Your Own Nantucket Lightship Basket: New. This pamphlet provides a comprehensive guide for those wanting to create their own Lightship Basket. All process stages are covered, from the required materials to the concluding steps of plugging and completing the piece. Detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs make it an ideal resource, even for beginners! 

Basic Basket Making: Pre-Owned. Pre-Owned. This book offers detailed, expert-level instructions on the fundamentals of basket weaving. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by vibrant, full-colored images, providing a comprehensive guide to all essential weaving techniques, ranging from weaving spokes to creating a basket base.

Lightship Baskets of Nantucket: Pre-Owned. This book examines Nantucket Lightship Baskets from a historical and stylistic perspective. It illustrates various kinds of Nantucket Baskets, explains their origins, and offers guidance for crafting your own. This Expanded and Revised edition contains stunning visuals, detailed directions, and variant techniques.

BASKETS: A Book for Makers and Collectors: Pre-Owned. This book provides a brilliant array of colorful pictures and insightful specifics for eight unique basket designs. It is packed with essential details and instructions for crafting the baskets.

Basic Basket Book (Hard and Soft Cover): Pre-Owned. This extensive selection of more than 30 baskets employs a diverse range of methods and materials that are easy to obtain. 400+ visuals, diagrams, detailed instructions, and useful advice and recommendations.

Handmade Baskets: Pre-Owned. This book presents a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to crafting 28 impressive baskets in styles ranging from Early American to European, Victorian to Contemporary. Each design is accompanied by detailed photographs and hand-drawn illustrations that help even beginners achieve success!

Basketry (Tan): Pre-Owned. 18 baskets with comprehensive pictures and directions, 

Baskets Baskets Baskets (Book Three): New. This book offers a comprehensive exploration of weaving, with details about eight varied basket designs and splint weaving patterns, as well as preparation, staining, rims, handles, cutting, and tucking of spokes.

Create an Heirloom Basket: New. This text gives readers everything they need to create three bassinets and three cradles. It features detailed step-by-step instructions and covers the fundamentals of weaving through to the final stages.

Basket-Weaving Crafts: New  Weave your way to stylish decor! This book is perfect for beginner and advanced crafters. This book has 22 patterns to make useful, decorative, artistic, objects using basket-making techniques. 


Books New & Preowned

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