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Cane Webbing & Reed Spline

CANE WEBBING IS SOLD BY THE INCH AND PRICED BY THE INCH. Pick the style of web and the width you require. Put in the number of inches you need to purchase.

HH Perkins Cane Webbing is a pre-woven cane sheet made from strand cane. We recommend you add 2 inches to the length and width when purchasing Cane Webbing. You should soak Cane Webbing for 3 hours in water before using it. Reed Spline is the narrow piece of rattan reed used to hold Cane Webbing into place on chairs and cabinets. You should soak Reed Spline for 10 minutes to straighten out the coil.

You can use the (+/-) or type the amount into the quantity section when adding the number of inches of Cane Webbing you need to your cart. 

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