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Dye Packets: HH Perkins' dyes are perfect for craft makers, makerspace professionals, and hobbyists who want to produce durable, vibrant color on rattan, natural fibers, and other materials. Made from water-based, non-toxic ingredients and available in a variety of bright hues, these dye packets provide reliable colorfast results with easy to follow instructions for any project. With dye concentration adjustable for a range of shades and compatible with a variety of materials, these dyes are the ideal choice for any creative undertaking. We use HH Perkins Dye Packets on Flat Reeds, Flat Oval Reeds, Strand Cane, Ash Splint, and even Spline.

HH Perkins Dye Packet Styles & Colors:

Amish Blue Dye: A vibrant blue colored dye.

Blue Heather Dye: The same blue color as our Blue Heather Colored Reed.

Cherry Dye: A vibrant Red that matches the color of cherries.  

Chocolate Dye: Brown colored Chocolate dye pack. 

Denim Blue Dye: The color of good ole fashioned blue jeans. 

Driftwood Dye: A light brown greyish color that simulates the color of driftwood.

Dusty Rose Dye: A deep red and magenta color that simulates the color of a rose bouquet. 

Ebony Dye: A dark brown/black color. 

Gold Dye: The color of solid gold, just like in jewelry. 

Green Dye: This dye is the color of Christmas green.

Hunter Green Dye: A deep green color.

Lemon Dye: A light yellow color like the color of a fresh lemon.

Mauve Heather Dye: A pink magenta color that is used on our Mauve Heather dyed reed coils. 

Moss Heather Dye: A light Green that simulates the color of moss.

Navy Blue Dye: The timeless color of Navy Blue. The same color the United States Navy wears for their uniforms.

Oak Dye: The color of freshly cut Oak trees. The same color as many of our Oak Hoops, Oak Bases, and Oak Staves. 

Orange Dye: Orange color that simulates the orange color of the rainbow light spectrum. 

Peach Dye: The color of a fresh peach. A light pink/orange color. 

Periwinkle Dye: Periwinkle Blue is my personal favorite color. A combination of purple and dark blue. Periwinkle Blue is an homage to Brad Pitt's character Micky from the movie Snatch. 

Rust Dye: A brownish orange color that simulates the color of aged natural strand cane. 

Turquoise Dye: The color of the turquoise ocean in the tropics.

Violet Dye: A purple color. Violet is a light purple color.

Walnut Dye: The color of walnuts. A brown color often used in homes on floors, stairs, and shades.

Wine Dye: A deep red that simulates the color of wine, specifically merlot. Similar to burgundy and maroon. 


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