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Fine 1/2” Cane Webbing

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Fine 1/2″ Cane WebbingSOLD BY THE INCH & PRICED BY THE INCH. TYPE IN THE NUMBER OF INCHES REQUIREDFine 1/2″ Mesh is the most popular Cane Webbing at HH Perkins and the most commonly used Pressed Cane in the world. Fine 1/2" is woven in the timeless octagonal style. Fine Cane Webbing measures 1/2 inch from center hole to center hole. The holes themselves measure roughly 1/4 inch.

Fine 1/2" Webbing is commonly used in chairs, cabinets, ottomans, dressers, doors, and home décor projects. It is a Great material for crafts, art projects, and spontaneous creations. Fine 1/2" is pre-woven with Fine 2.5mm strand cane. Rattan Cane Webbing is a very pliable and durable material. 

You should always soak Cane Webbing in water before using it. This will ensure your DIY project is a success and prevent sagging.

Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing comes in a variety of different widths at HH Perkins. We always recommend that you add two extra inches to your width and length when determining how much cane webbing you will need for your project.

Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing Widths:

12" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $75.60

14" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $81.60

16" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $92.60

18" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $114.00

20" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $129.60

22" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $151.20

24" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $151.20

30" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $194.40

36" Fine 1/2" Cane Webbing - 10ft $270.00



Fine 1/2” Cane Webbing

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