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Brown Fibre Rush 40lb Reel

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Fibre Rush 40lb Reel: Fibre Rush is made from twisted kraft paper. 40lb Reels of Fibre Rush are available at HH Perkins in every size. Fibre Rush is also referred to as Fiber Rush; the spelling is interchangeable. Fibre Rush can be used in seat weaving and basket weaving. Fibre Rush is commonly woven in a four corners pattern, but you can incorporate and weave any style. Fibre Rush uses Shellac for a finish and can be stained or painted. Fibre Rush is very popular in crafts, DIY projects, and with Fiber Artists.

3/32" Brown Fibre Rush 40Lb Reel: Our smallest and most narrow width of Fibre Rush. A 40 Pound Reel of 3/32"Brown Fibre Rush has approximately 16,800 feet of material.

4/32" Brown Fibre Rush 40Lb Reel: Fibre Rush 4/32" Brown 40 pound reels are our 2nd smallest Fibre Rush size. 4/32" Fibre Rush Reels have approximately 10,000 feet of material. 

5/32" Brown Fibre Rush 40Lb Reel: The most popular Fibre Rush size available at HH Perkins. 5/32" Fibre Rush is a classic material. Each 40 Pound Reel of 5/32" Fibre Rush contains approximately 8,400 feet of material.

6/32" Brown Fibre Rush 40Lb Reel: The 2nd most popular Fibre Rush size at HH Perkins is 6/32" Brown Fibre Rush. A 40 Pound Reel of 6/32" Fibre Rush contains approximately 7,800 feet of material. 

7/32" Brown Fibre Rush 40Lb Reel: The largest size of Fibre Rush offered at HH Perkins. 7/32" Brown Fibre Rush 40 Pound Reels contain approximately 7,400 feet of material. 7/32 Inch Fibre Rush is nearly a 1/4 inch in diameter.

Brown Fibre Rush 40lb Reel

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