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1'' Shaker Tape - Sold by the Yard


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1″ Shaker Tape: HH Perkins Shaker Tape is made from 100% cotton. Shaker Tape is sold by the yard. We also have Shaker Tape in 75-yard rolls. If you purchase a full 75yd roll of Shaker Tape you get 15% off! Shaker Tape is often called Listing or Listing Tape. A term coined by the Shakers. HH Perkins will roll the exact amount of Shaker Tape you need for your project.

Shaker seats look best when woven with 2 different colors. There are two terms you should know when weaving with Shaker Tape. One is called the warp. The warp is anchored to the side rails and then wrapped around the front and back rails in adjoining rows. A second length is called the weft. The weft is woven under and over the strands that form the warp. You can join loose ends by sewing them together, or by weaving them back on themselves, ensuring that the rows always remain parallel.

To determine the quantity of 1″ width Shaker Tape you'll need for your project just multiply the widest width by the widest length and then divide by 9.

For instance, if your chair seat is 10" wide and 18" long the formula is: 10x18/9= 20 yards.

1 Inch Shaker Tape Styles: 

1" Beige Shaker Tape

1" Black Shaker Tape

1" Blue Shaker Tape

1" Butternut Shaker Tape

1" Chocolate Brown Shaker Tape

1" Cranberry Shaker Tape

1" Gray Shaker Tape

1" Hunter Green Shaker Tape

1" Natural Shaker Tape

1" Navy Blue Shaker Tape

1" Olive Shaker Tape 

1" Red Shaker Tape

1" Evergreen Stripe Shaker Tape

1" Canterbury Stripe Shaker Tape 

1'' Shaker Tape - Sold by the Yard

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