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Wide Binder Cane


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Wide Binder Cane: Binder Cane is the glossy peel/bark of the Rattan Palm. Wide Binder Cane is rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. Wide Binder must be soaked in water to make it pliable, and it should be woven wet. Binder Cane is used for weaving chair seats, staves for Nantucket Baskets, and DIY projects. Binder Cane is used to wrap the joints of rattan, bamboo, and Frick furniture. Binder cane is the most popular cane used for Nantucket Basket Stave material. The staves are are made from the same material as the weavers.

Wide Binder Cane is used to wrap the joints of rattan and wicker furniture. The 6-8mm and 8-10mm Binder cane is more rustic and is used for Adirondack furniture. Binder cane can be woven on furniture made for inside or outside baskets. One coil will weave an average seat that's 16" wide. 3 coils are needed for the average-sized Porch Rocker. Some binder canes are referred to as Slab Binder. Binder cane is famous with porch weaves, Herringbone patterns, and Basket Weaving. Wide Binder Cane makes a beautiful God's Eye design on a rattan chair. Binder cane is called wide binder cane because it is thicker than natural strand cane.

4mm Binder Cane : Approximately 5/32" & 500 feet per coil.

5mm Binder Cane - Approximately 3/16" & 500 feet per coil.

6mm Binder Cane - Approximately 1/4" Wide & 500 feet per coil.

8mm Binder Cane - 8mm Wide Binder Cane is between 1/4" and 3/8" wide and is approximately 400 feet per coil.

6-8mm Slab Binder Cane - Strands vary in width. Approximately 400 feet per coil.

8-10mm Slab Binder Cane - Largest Wide Binder Cane size available. Strands vary in width & approximately 400 feet per coil. 

Wide Binder Cane

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