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Flat Reed

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Flat Reed: Flat Reed is made from the Inside Core of Rattan. To weave this product, it must be soaked in water for at least 10 -20 minutes. Flat Reed is often called Flat Flat because it is flat on both sides. Flat Reed is very popular with seat weavers, basket weavers, and Do It Yourselfers (DIY). 

Flat Reed is sold in 1 pound coils, and the strands vary from 6ft to 18ft depending on the width of the flat reed. 1 coil of reed will weave an average 15" square project (15"x15"). The average size Porch Rocker Chair needs 4 coils of Flat Reed to be completed. Each coil of Flat Reed is enough material to make several baskets. Flat Reed can be stained, painted, oiled, or left natural. 

Flat Reed 11/64": 425ft Per Coil 

Flat Reed 3/16": - 400ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 1/4": 370ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 7mm: 268ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 3/8": 260ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 1/2":  185ft Per Coil 

Smoked Flat Reed 1/2" 185ft Per Coil 

Flat Reed 5/8": 120ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 3/4": 90ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 7/8": 80ft Per Coil

Flat Reed 1": 77ft Per Coil



Flat Reed

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