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Round Reed Braid Sold by the Yard


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Round Reed Braid: This braid is made from the inner core of Rattan Palm and comes in three different sizes. After being soaked in water, the reed becomes more pliable and is suitable for numerous craft projects, such as seat weaving, basketry, and farmhouse DIY products. Its strength, flexibility, and affordability make it an ideal material for artisans, hobbyists, and professionals alike. It is the perfect accent for Wicker furniture. Round Reed Braid is sold by the yard.

3/4" Round Reed Braid: Measures 3/4 inches wide. This is the narrowest size of Reed Braid available at HH Perkins. A 3/4" Round Reed Braid is made by weaving 4 strands of Round Reed together. 

7/8" Round Reed Braid: This is the most popular size of Wicker Braid, measuring between 7/8 inches wide and made from 4 Round Reed strands braided together. 

1" Round Reed Braid Full Roll: This roll measures 1" wide and is made by braiding 4 strands of Round Reed together.

1 1/2" Round Reed Braid Full Roll: This is the largest size available, measuring 1 and 1/2" wide. It is a 6-strand braid, meaning 6 strands of Round Reed are braided together. 

Save on the per-yard price by purchasing a 50-foot roll of Round Reed Braid. A 50ft roll of Round Reed Braid is approximately 16.7 yards. You can shop 50ft rolls of Reed Braid using the link below.



Round Reed Braid Sold by the Yard

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